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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

No Detail Should Be Overlooked

From excitement, to nervousness; from patience, to scrambling- mixed feelings are playing a huge role in this entire process right now. Spending an entire semester in my dream destination gives me so much to look forward to. I cannot wait to sight-see, taste the unique culinary creations, challenge myself to converse in an unfamiliar language, and experience the traditional festivals and customs of Japan! 

All of this is well and good. However, specific criteria must be kept in check before I dive into one of my most exciting adventures. Right now, I am working on getting my class credits in order so they can be transferred correctly. Scheduling appointments is crucial in this process. Persistence and consistence is a key component of staying on top of my paperwork. After all, the earlier I prepare, the smoother the transition will be when it is time to fill out the application form. 

I cannot wait to soak in the beautiful, Japanese culture that permeates in Nagasaki. But, until then, I shall continue this assignment: Completing all the necessary paperwork before filling out the application. As my karate instructor would say to us, "Always finish what you start"- I must continue this mini journey. No detail should be overlooked. For, in the end, it will all be worth it! 

Just keeping everybody updated with what has been going on. It has been a month since my last post. I will continue to update the blog as I go along each month. Keep checking out my blog! ありがとう!