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Sunday, April 17, 2016



I have been really busy taking care of classes here in Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies. So far, I have the following classes:

1. Japanese Level 2
2. Japanese Culture
3. Japanese Literary History
4. Kanji and Vocabulary
5. Traditional Japanese arts
6. Seminar in Japanese Studies 
7. Japanese Management
8. Japanese Business

All of these classes are interesting and interactive. Plus, most of the teachers in Japanese level 2 are the coolest Japanese teachers ever! They interact with us by asking us questions such as "which movie is the worst: Twilight, Indiana Jones, or the Live Action DragonBall Movie?" I love going to Japanese Level 2 class. 
Right now, I am blogging in the school lounge since my first (and only) class is Japanese Level 2. Earlier, I was hanging out with my Conversation Partner, Nanase-san, along with her friend. Hopefully next time I meet up with them, I can take a selfie with them. 

Anyways, enough about me. Here is some updates I would like to address: 

First off, I will be blogging on Sundays (Saturdays for all of you in America). Since I have classes and extracurricular activities (like shopping and eating out), I won't be available to update the blog everyday. Plus, the wifi here is kinda skimpy so it is difficult to upload pictures. 

Second off, I will add new sections as I update the blog (not a bunch of sections, though). 

Third off, for all those who heard about the earthquake in Kumamoto, we are all fine. We experienced some aftershocks here in Togitsu. Nothing too serious. But it was a little scary since it was my first time experiencing an actual earthquake. Please, pray for those devastatingly affected by the earthquake in Kumamoto. 

Lastly, I will be teaching more Japanese to everyone next time I blog. Sorry for the long wait (even I am learning more Japanese with my Japanese friends and Conversation Partner). 

So that's it for now! I will be posting a discussion board about Hobby Off/Book Off! You all will love it! Until next time! じゃあ、またね!

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